Yogena Chittasya- Opening Prayer for Yoga

Yogena Chittasya Padena Vacham , Malam Sharirasya Cha VaidyaKena, Yopakarotham Pravaram Muninam , Patanjalim Ranatosmi , Abahu purusakaram, Sankha carkrasi dharinam Sahasra sirasam svetam , Pranamami patanjalim 

|| Yogena cittasya padena vacam ||

I salute sage Patanhjali who gave us the science of yoga to purify our mind and consciousness, who gave us grammar so as to use the words with perfection.
yogena = through yoga. Citta = mind. Pada = words. Vacca = speech).

|| Malam sarirasya ca vaidyakena ||

He gave us the science of medicine through Ayurveda to remove the impurities of the body.
malam = impurity.  Sarira = body.  Vaidyakena = through medicine)

||  Yopakarottam pravaram muninam ||

Oh God, let me be closer to the sage who gave us all these things.
Pravaram = the greatest

||  Patanjalim pranjalir anato’smi ||

Let me bow down, with my folded hands, in front of  Lord Patanjali.

|| Abahu purusakaram ||

He has the shape of a human from the hand upto the head.
abahu = very big. Purusakaram = human shape)

|| Sankha carkrasi dharinam ||

On one hand he holds the conch, and the disc on the other hand.
sankh = conch.  carkrasi = disc) dharinam = hold/adorn)

|| Sahasra sirasam svetam ||

He being the incarnation of Adishesha, he has, on the top of his head,  a thousand hoods of cobra.
(sahasra = one thousand. Sirisam = head.  svetam = white )

||  Pranamami patanjalim ||

I bow down to Patanjali.

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