What YOGA taught me?

What has my YOGA practice taught me?

It is the achieve the seemingly impossible. Infact that very word is spelt as I M POSSIBLE !

Hi world, I Am Doctor Sneha Jayaswal , I am also a yoga enthusiast, tae-kwon-do-black belt , professional bharatnatyam dancer. I started practicing yoga in my 3rd year of medical school and it truly has changed my life.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt in the past few years is that nothing in this world is impossible. We are LIMITLESS beings with infinite potential .

EACH of us has that potential within us.

With PASSION, PERSEVERENCE, and DISCIPLINE we can achieve ALL our goals .

But what is it that really drives us to push ourselves everyday towards our goal? For me it is faith , in God , the laws of the Universe and myself .

Every day I practiced yoga , I wanted to achieve different asanas and feel strong . Looking back at my journey I am definitely proud that I achieved them. But unknowingly in the process the Self-Confidence , self love , faith and discipline it has taught me is the real Gold of yoga practice.

Chinstand / Ganda Bherundasana

There is a long journey ahead and I have many more dreams that I aspire to achieve in life professionally, personally and spiritually , but there is one thing I am certain of…. Nothing is impossible and with time we can conquer all of life goals .

Lotss of love ,

Dr. Sneha Jayaswal

Forearm stand with charged lotus legs
Natarajasana/ Dancers Pose

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