Women’s History Month Panel

Women’s History Month Panel for healthcare workers organized by Prehealthshadowing !
A quick recap of the topics we covered during these thought provoking discussions in Part 1 & 2:
✅Disparities in Female patient healthcare-females are 25% less likely to receive pain abatement medications &
✅Women with STEMI(Heart attack) are also less likely to receive invasive management , revascularisarion and cardiac rehabilitation on discharge.Women are also more likely to have an Adverse cardiovascular event 6months after discharge.
✅Representation of women in healthcare- only 5-6% of cardiac and thoracic surgeons in the world are women. The same goes with most other fields of medicine like Gastroenterology and Cardiology where women physicians and under-represented.
✅In India every 12mins a pregnant lady dies in childbirth. 14-15% need LSCS=>this would require 5.2million surgery/year=> & 2 million Gynecologists. Unfortunately in India we currently have only 50,000 Gynecologists
✅Many of the published Scientific Researches underrepresent women in their study groups. Ex. A cohort study having more male patients>female patients. Such studies may be biased.
✅A study published in India shows that 50% of girls (50,000/10,000) where NOT AWARE about what Periods/mentrustion is until they got their first periods. 23 million girls drop out of school annually because of lack of menstrual hygiene facilities. Only 36% of women have access to sanitary pads. These brings us to discuss alternatives like menstrual cups, period underwear, tampons.
✅Sex education- Girls who receive sex education are less likely to contact HIV and AIDS and thus less likely to pass it onto their children.
✅How transgender women/men face similar inadequacies in medical care. 29% of transgender people reported having to teach their health care provider about transgender health issues.
✅Body dysmorphism- how we need to put an END to body shaming(Skinny/Fat shaming). We need to start looking at our body in terms of HEALTH. Do you feel healthy? Do you feel energetic? Do you feel mentally at peace ? Health in terms of body and mind.

We also talked about
✅Different types of diets and the adverse effects they can have.
We also talked about the benefits of a whole foods plant based diet.
✅how we can addres minorities and rural population not having access to proper healthcare. What are some steps and measures that can be taken at a ground level and in the future …
✅What are some stereotypes that female healthcare professionals have to face as a physician…

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