What is means to love an ART as an ARTIST

What does it mean to truly love an ART. It is to go above and beyond in the pursuit of perfection . It is hours of dedication, blood , sweat and tears to get a little better everyday. It is to love it SO MUCH that the sacrifices don’t even feel like they were made because it was all for something that you love with all your heart and soul.

The thing is as artist we are always looking for perfection. And the honest truth is if the practice of an ART gets too comfortable then it always feels like something is not right. Practicing an ART requires getting out of your comfort-zone, hours of practice, and struggle. Every ART tells a story. Its speaking a language of the heart that can communicate with everyone. The journey is LONG but I’ve learnt to enjoy the process. I always find some skill-set that needs improvement . When you know that you are lacking somewhere (that something might not have been done to the best of your abilities) from an artists perspective its like an “Itch that needs to scratched”, and that can only by scratched by continuous PRACTICE. Unless you work on it and improve it will always seem to bother us .

Thats how i feel when i dance. I love dancing. Being a trained bharatnatyam dancer i am always on a pursuit of trying to achieve more with practice . Recording Nritya and Abhinaya and making corrections. Practicing Yoga to increase my range of motion and scope for Poses using Yoga Asana Practice. It is something that fills my heart with Joy and excitement just looking forward to working on a new skill everyday.

I love ART is every form. It is what fills this world with beauty and excitement . It is what helps us connect with the divine with Indian classical music, dance, paintings, sculptures, martial arts, Science etc . It is what brightens up anyone’s day with a smile.

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