Even mindedness: Three Experiments

Experiment 1 :

Have you ever felt like you want to achieve something or accomplish something of your dreams/desires but you feel like you CAN’T do it because you think you lack the ability or skill or talent …

I propose we remove the words  “I CAN’T” from our vocabulary . Why do we ever limit our potential by saying or believing in such a word. What if the key to unlocking our true potential is by simply believing in ourselves and being CONFIDENT. Being confident enough to believe and feel like we CAN. So instead lets say “I CAN do anything I put my mind, will power , and actions towards.”

Think about it , if it is something that someone has done before you, what makes you question your own abilities? And if it is something that has never been done before , that’s brilliant, just think about how science has evolved by inventions and discoveries that first started out as simply an idea.

 The only thing that seems to limits us is our own belief about our abilities. Any self created limiting belief about ourselves stops us from fully using our willpower and actions to achieve the goal. In a way the only thing that is really standing between us and our dreams/Goals is our own self . But we also have the ability to change and rewire our own thought process.

So I propose we REMOVE the word “CAN’T” from our consciousness and vocabulary.

Experiment 2 :

Have you ever felt really happy/ecstatic about things happening exactly the way you want it , things are working out exactly as you “LIKE’” them . But suddenly things spiral down hill (from your perspective), the situation is no longer meeting up to your expectations , you “DISLIKE” it and you feel sad/angry/upset over it.

My question is why do we seem to “like” a situation/place/person/thing to be a certain way, and if it does not meet our “likes” or expectations we start to “dislike” it.

And if we think about it what we may seem to like, someone else may dislike , and what we may seem to dislike someone else may like. So it is all simply a difference is perception of this world , to which we attach our emotions via our own “likes and dislikes”.

So what if we let things and beings exist as they are, without adding any of our own labels and preferences on it.

What is we lived as an observer without attaching emotions that come out of attaching “likes and dislikes”, the root of which may be our own ego.

So I propose that we try removing “like and dislike” from our consciousness and vocabulary .

Experiment 3 :

Now how may we implement these experiments . Here is where meditation plays a role. Meditation helps us rewire our own thought process and patterns.

So meditating on I CAN , I WILL and I AM GOING TO accomplish this, I have unlimited power and potential within myself as a child of GOD.

Meditating on accepting and appreciating the way things are of this world without adding labels of our own preferences . Meditating on this in an attempt to rewire our neuronal pathways and thought process , so we can change our own perception of this world , one step at a time.


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